When you want help with complementing your existing interior decor with a new color setting, or if you want to create a brand new room or home, we begin with a meeting where we determine your individual needs. We do a style analysis based on your current living conditions, requirements and life-style. We take measurements and discuss your planned budget. Then we send you our services quote which covers following items:

  • DEFINING NEEDS – Analyzing actual living situation in place and indicating possible adjustments.
  • INTERIOR STYLE – Defining ideal interior style based on your habits and life-style.
  • COLOR SETTING – Recognizing color psychology and how colors can affect a room.
  • ROOM LAYOUT – Dividing rooms into different functional zones including optimal furniture placement in 2D/3D visualization.
  • LIGHTING PLAN – Composing diverse light sources at different locations, which creates atmosphere and defines different zones for reading, working or relaxing.
  • MATERIAL CHOICE – Recommending wall paint, wallpapers or an optimal material for kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • FURNITURE, TEXTILE & ACCESSORIES – Selecting beautiful and functional furniture across all brands, including ordering and assembling.